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Berea Chapel, Cefnbrynbrain, Quarter Bach, Carmarthenshire

Name: Berea Chapel

Denomination: Independent

Built: 1929
Demolished: 2001
Berea Chapel, Cefnbrynbrain

A corrugated zinc-sheeted chapel, known as the "Iron Chapel", which was a branch of Cwmllynfell Independent Chapel; it closed in the 1980s. Gable entry type. [Extracted from Coflein database]
In March 2007, the chapel site was the subject of the resubmission of a planning application for the construction of six bungalows.
[See Carmarthenshire County Council website]

Photography: John Ball
Date: 29 April 2000
Camera: Sigma SA-300 35 mm SLR

Berea Chapel, Cwmllynfell

Below: Site of Berea Chapel, photographed on 19 January 2007

Site of Berea Chapel, Cwmllynfell
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